Breaks the conventional concept of muscle training! FAST! WORKOUT! MUSCLES!


Come on!
Let’s start the essential muscle training that will build strong muscles in the very shortest time of your dreams!


Just by focusing your awareness (image) on your conscious muscles, ISHIKIKIN”, (essential muscles that make up the human body + inner muscles)
You can increase the effect of any daily exercise many times over just by focusing on

The key to awakening the conscious muscles is;
The face is the golden ratio with the corners of the mouth raised.
Tighten the body by imagining it as a tube from the vagina to the ribs.
*For men, imagine a tube running through the center of the body.
It’s so easy, and in just 5-10 minutes, you’ll be amazed at the results!

Consciousness muscle is the most powerful inner muscle that can make your organs’ natural workout skills for you!
You can lose weight with just 3 minutes and 3 sets of daily image training! Tighten up! Sexy body!

Focus all your training on your conscious muscles to awaken them from within!

Just like there are essential nutrients in supplements, there are essential core muscles in your body!
Start your human essential muscle training today!

ISHIKIKIN = Internal Pressure: Consciously and accurately imagining the function of the internal organs (the athletic ability that keeps the internal organs moving from birth to death) that enables humans and animals to maintain life without using the brain (if they breathe), as derived from the new anthropology studied by Miho Nobusawa. This is a muscle that resonates with the internal organs (called “internal organs” in neo-anthropology), focuses awareness on the internal organs, and moves the body while working on the innate motor capabilities of those functions, using the pressure of the entire body.

This is a completely opposite approach to the usual one, which works from external pressure muscles to internal muscles, and directly strengthens the most fundamental muscles that support us, allowing us to train them in all the movements of our daily life, even with only awareness.

Unlike solid energy such as external pressure muscles, ISHIKIKIN can be trained to work together with internal organs, so once you activate them, from the moment you do, you will feel as if your entire body is gradually concentrating and contracting towards your bones, and you will understand the feeling of your true “core creating”, which you have never felt before.
The more you concentrate on it, the more the dynamic core will solidify, and you will feel yourself becoming stronger and stronger.
It has also been found that while the external pressure muscles decline with age, the ISHIKIKIN are very resistant to decline because they are the domain of the internal organs.

The allure of ISHIKIKIN

1)Activates the muscles (inner muscles) that are necessary to support us.
By awakening the conscious muscles, the internal to external pressure is exerted on the muscles, making it possible to act directly on the muscles you want to train.

2)Activated ISHIKIKIN bring a sense of accomplishment and relief.
The immediate effects that occur from strengthening the ISHIKIKIN also give the person who trained the ISHIKIKIN an instant sense of accomplishment and relief.