Miho Nobusawa started out by studying various aspects of beauty such as the science of the skin, aesthetic skills, the art of make-up and nail care, creation of cosmetics, color therapy, and nutrition.  She had a talent for art since childhood, and her make-up skills using light and shadow was recognized and worked as teaching assistant in schools for Beauticians and Hair Stylists.

Her carrier led to the position of director for hair styling and make-up in a salon located in Aoyama, Tokyo. Later, she realizes that in order to support people in attaining perfect beauty, it is necessary to work on the whole body, and the perception of Eastern Medicine is vital to that approach.  She left her job and committed to studying and experiencing various forms of chiropractic and body adjustment methods.  As a result, she developed her original method of removing unnecessary muscles (reset method) and creating new muscles (set method).
Her method is based on the study of joint movement and the skill to work on the skeletal muscles.
Miho created her BISEI Treatment salon Rojen in 2007.

Miho Nobusawa’s Message

I understand both the Western Medical perspective and the Eastern Medical perspective very well, and know the pros and cons of each.  I believe that incorporating the two in the best way possible will be a necessary approach to future of medicine and various forms of therapy.

From my point of view, the difference between the two, simply stated, is as follows.
Western Medicine specializes in immediately treating the exact area of disease or injury.  By removing a specific part or applying medication, rapid treatment is possible.
On the other hand, it often does not take care of the inner mechanism of the body that resists the disease or the injury, for example building a healthy body, transforming the way of living, improving the blood flow etc, so it is possible for the same symptom to recur.  Also, by cutting into the body, it can obviously be stressful or harmful.

Eastern Medicine specializes in increasing the natural self-healing ability inherent in our body and mind, and the treatment focuses on curing from the core or the root of the issue.  It uses medicinal plants, diagnoses in various ways (observing, listening, questioning, and removing), so it is said to give less stress to the body compared to Western Medicine.  Also, the aim is to balance the whole body so the symptom does not return.
Unfortunately, the activation of self-healing can take time, so treatments tend to continue for a longer period of time.

I want to recover rapidly, and I want the recovery to last.
This is a desire that we all have.
Once we go through a serious operation, we never want to experience it again so we long for a complete cure.
I feel that we are all entitled to it.
That is how I have successfully treated numerous clients in Japan.
(Please see the documents on my specific treatments)

I invite you to experience my BISEI Treatment, renowned for making the impossible possible in Japan.

Miho Nobusawa’s original “Reset and Set Method”

We live under the influence of gravity.  That means, the muscles necessary for us to live can be strengthened by being conscious about it.  For clients who have experienced the BISEI Therapy, it is possible to strengthen the necessary muscles just by “being conscious of them three times a day.”  That creates conscious muscles which can make self-corrections to distortions, sagging, and wrinkles.  When I create your body in a way that you can clearly be aware of, your muscles can easily be created.  Also, it is possible to find a way to create muscle that resist aging and maintain youthfulness.
Muscles swell when they stiffen.  You can reset your muscles simply by removing the stiffness.
Some people try to tone their legs by removing the fat, but many don’t realize that not everyone is large because of fat or cellulite.  Like professional bicyclists, legs can get large due to muscles.  Yet you do not have to enlarge every muscle even if you are an athlete.  It is possible to train only the skeletal muscles attached to the bones.  Just by doing simple exercises, you will be able to utilize your full power at any moment.  I can also help you create a system of your body that can easily be reset, it will not succumb to your old habits.  You will be able to quickly reset and set it, and maintain the effects of the BISEI Treatment just by being aware of your body and doing simple stretching movements.

Your current figure and discomfort may be caused by the distortion of your spinal column.

The distortion of the body comes from of the muscles that support the bones getting out of shape, not from the bones themselves.  If you would like to keep your internal organs and bones in place, you will need the necessary muscles.  During my BISEI Treatment session, I will teach you simple methods to maintain the muscles that are created during the treatment, so that you can keep your beautiful body forever.