(Eyelid, Pupil, Sclera, Iris,)
The shape of your eyes can be perfectly arranged to match the size of your eyeballs, enabling the eyes to be big and beautiful.  The eyelids will fit your eyeballs harmoniously, and the pupils, sclera, and the iris will glow more.  Any kind of light, such as natural, artificial, and night time light will be reflected accordingly, and the eyes will shine with a natural glow.  The eyes that Miho Nobusawa creates is designed to glitter when the tears well up, and various actresses have entranced the viewers with this beauty.  The more times you receive this BISEI treatment, the more your eyes will become bigger, brighter, and more beautiful.



The nose that Miho Nobusawa creates is said to be more beautiful in shape than the ones that receive silicone injection. As the number of treatment increases, the shape of the nose becomes straighter and shapelier. Specifically, Miho’s clients compliment her that she is the only one who can create a long and thin nose, sharpen the tip of the nose, elongate the nose, and shorten the distance between the nose and the mouth.




The lips will become plump like they have had a hyaluronic injection.
Also, the lips will be created to match the shape of your front teeth, so that the teeth will look straight and beautiful.
When your new lips are created, you are advised to keep the corner of your mouth up. Just by doing this, not only does the face line sharpen, there were cases of TMJ arthrosis recovery.
Most people have created some sort of distortion in the face by opening the mouth a certain way. Miho Nobusawa advises each person with a perfect care method for that particular mouth, which they can follow in order to keep the newly created face without distorting it, and to keep their plump lips.




Small and Sharp Face
By using Miho Nobusawa’s specially blended organic BISEIOIL, you will be able to perform face lift and obtain a small face even at home by yourself.





Miho Nobusawa creates perfect breast muscles by BISEI treatment, then teaches you Awareness Muscle Breathing, a special breathing method that she invented.  This breathing enables the development and retention of muscles necessary for the creation of beautiful breasts.  Miho recommends order made muscle training that is perfect for each person, and advises simple movements to keep creating and maintaining beautiful body parts. BISEI treatment will be a basis for creating a natural, shapely bust that is perfect for you.




Miho Nobusawa suggests that a pinched-in waist is attained by having all the organs in the correct place. This enables the muscles to be toned and the assimilation of food and elimination of waste to be smooth. The beautiful body is created both from the inside and the outside.

In order to keep the organs in the right place, the lower ribcage need to be tightened. When breathing, the breath may only enter the upper chest (lungs), and the abdomen and the lower ribcage need to be tightened at all times during both inhalation and exhalation. This special breathing technique will be built in to your body by BISEI treatment, and you will be able to attain a perfect body structure and figure just by breathing every day.






A voluptuous and high hip line.
The muscles in the anus and vagina area will be strengthened through an original method of pelvic adjustment. After that, Miho Nobusawa will suggest hip exercises that focuses on tightening the anus and the vagina (for men, the area where the vagina is for women). Just by doing them, you will be able to create a beautiful hip line with lifted hips.






Beautifully Slender Legs

BISEI treatment enables the elongation and slimming of the legs by working on the shape and the placement of the thighs, calves, and ankles. Afterwards, by performing the BISEI adjustment exercise created by Miho Nobusawa, you are able to keep your beautiful legs through simple daily practice of bending and straightening the knees while tightening the anus and the vagina. Please ask Miho for your personal method since everybody’s legs are different and the way to balance your muscles and bones will be particular to you.

All treatment will be more effective when performed repeatedly. The basic course is 10 consecutive treatments, no more than 3 days apart if possible. When you receive 10 treatments during 2 to 3 weeks, you will experience great change, and you will obtain the most beautiful face and body that is perfect for you.