About Welfare

I have a tremendous amount of experience and many findings through giving BISEI treatments to countless people.
I will never stop using my brain.
I feel that the biggest contribution to welfare that I can make is to focus on each person and think of what I can do.
To use my brain to the fullest to create a result for that person and for that child.

Miho Nobusawa + Children’s Home

Te-ate: the touch can create love and bonding

We are all subject to the law of gravity, and thus the muscles that are necessary for us to live can be strengthened just by being aware of them. I suggest to my clients to become aware of a certain muscle three times each day, and that single action enables the strengthening of that muscle.

When you become clearly aware of your consciousness, creating muscles is easier than you think. Yet, in some cases, being aware of a muscle is difficult, especially for elderly people and children with disabilities.

In those cases, I create a system in which the Awareness Muscle can grow by stimulating certain reflex points of each muscle.

Thus, the BISEI treatment has produced excellent results in terms of welfare.

I believe that if one has a special skill, that person also has a responsibility.

That is why I visit children’s care houses to give treatments. Sometimes I teach them how to make salves using essential oils. After my treatments, children often experience great effects- severe skin conditions improve, walking disabilities ease, sleep is deeper and more stable. Because they feel more comfortable, they look forward to my treatments and working with essential oils. I feel much love from the children even if they cannot use words to express that, because they always smile at me from their hearts.

A child’s smile is a treasure to the whole world

Some kids don’t know their parents. Others have disabilities. There are even children who have experienced abuse in the past. Yet, they are all so sweet and full of smile. I strongly feel that the world needs more places to raise children safely, such as this special school that I visit.
Here, I am applying BISEI treatment to M’s hand. It may seem like I am holding on to her hand tightly, but the photo does not show her hand turning red, which means there is no strong pressure here. This method only uses a light stroke, yet it corrects the deformation of the bone and to “Reset and Set” the muscle that has created that deformation. The Reset and Set method is an original system of dispersing pressure that enables the creation of beautiful form without the client experiencing any kind of strain.


A place where children can smile naturally and abundantly

“I’m a girl, I love photos! Let’s take a lot of pictures so that we can have lots of memories!”
A child that showed interest in the camera took this photo of me.
Isn’t she a good photographer?
We at ROJEN feel that children’s future is very, very important.
We would like to help create a beautiful future where children can stay pure and live their fullest expression. Some kids start out copying me and grow their interest in giving massages and treatments. When they grow up and want to work as a therapist, I would like to create a space where they can make their dream come true. My dream now is to be able to support them in granting their own wishes. Thus, the children helped me realize this new, important dream of mine.
I am so grateful for them, and feel that it is our responsibility
as adults to protect them as much as we can.