It will radically shatter your concept of life's makeup!

Recreate a beautiful face by makeup technology method using BISEIOIL that completes a full makeup that enhances the most natural beauty without using makeup products to the utmost limit!

This class will teach you the incredible magic law makeup that will change your future of bad makeup.

The unevenness of the face is transformed into 3D with a 5-minute BISEIOIL face massage method, and then the face is made to fit the golden ratio.

Miho Nobuzawa’s Natural Makeup Method = ISHIKIKIN Makeup Artist Training class!

After learning the basics of base makeup, Miho Nobuzawa will explain her own face with full makeup on the screen!

Miho Nobuzawa will teach you the eye-catching makeup, which you can see in her seminars and in her NY seminars, while Miho Nobuzawa performs the makeup!

Miho Nobuzawa’s full make-up, as seen through the screen.

Everyone is sure to be surprised, “Was it really this easy?”

Only Miho Nobuzawa, who has experience as a professional makeup artist as an assistant makeup instructor at a vocational school and makeup salon director.

Even with dramatically simple makeup techniques, her skill in showing a combination of professional natural makeup and self-shaping using BISEIOIL techniques is breathtaking!

Nobuzawa’s professional technique of magically changing makeup and dresses in 10 minutes is a magical treasure trove that will easily transform your life into a beautiful woman, too! We will also show you the beauty points that make up Miho Nobusawa’s face.

This is an “ISHIKIKIN Makeup Elements “Base Wizard Artist” where you will learn the fundamental base of creating the human face of ISHIKIKIN Makeup that makes the face look like the ultimate beauty even though it does not look like it was made up in the world of movies.

Breaking the rules of conventional makeup!
ISHIKIKIN Make-Up and BISEI Make-Up Artist License

How to apply for a seminar.

Maximum number of applicants:13 Application Period:September 7, 12:00 – September 9, 11:59 p.m. on November 9

Holding method

Zoom class (Those who are ready and able to participate in zoom classes at home or other places with internet access.)

This class will be taught while using BISEIOIL.

Please be sure to bring your own BISEIPIL on the class.


October 24th (Mon.) 1:30pm – 4:00pm (JSP) 1:30pm – 2:10pm Study (10 minutes break) 2:20 – 3:40pm Practice 3:40pm – 4:00pm Talks and Contracts

Class fee