Miho Nobusawa’s BISEI Treatment

~How Bones and Muscles can be altered~

Everywhere in the world, the human body is thought to be exactly like the models and diagrams of skeleton, and that bones are hard and cannot be changed.  Actually, bones are large and small parts that combine to make the skull or the spinal column.  The skeletal muscles (inner muscles) are the important factors in connecting those various bone parts, and the outer muscle, which many people work on, pulls the inner muscles together and supports them.
My theory helps to create an entirely new human being, and it all starts from knowing your own body in this simple way.  Actually, in order to know yourself, the simpler is the better.

Why do human beings grow old and die?

Most humans think they can consciously use all the muscles in their body, since they exist in their own body.
Let us return to the story of the inner muscles (skeletal muscles) and outer muscles, in order to understand how human muscles deteriorate.
Right now, please tighten your tummy by visualizing your inner muscle.
Are you actually doing that?
Are you sure that you are not pushing on your outer muscles to tighten your tummy?
From the surface, it doesn’t matter which muscles are engaged- either one can make your tummy tighter.
Now, if you currently have a beautiful midsection with the right curves, it is highly likely that you are actually using your inner muscles to move that area.
My theory is this.
“All muscles rely on the strongest muscle in close proximity”
If you were a child, you are able to fully utilize your inner muscles.  In a child’s body, neither the inner muscles nor the outer muscles are too developed, which makes it easier to use the inner muscles.  That is why children don’t get tired even when they move their body vigorously, and they can utilize their muscle to jump up high.
On the contrary, if you are an adult, it is likely that you are using your outer muscles to tighten the area from your ribcage to your tummy.
To state simply, when we are born, the muscles that are closest to the bones are the main muscles that are designed to work.  Imagine that your bones exist in the middle of a large tube.  When you are born, the inner muscles (including the skeletal muscles) that surround the bone fill the tube.  As you grow up, you are taught to visualize and move the outer muscles, because that is what the current society values.  When that happens, the outer muscles which exist outside the tube gets stronger and stronger, and the inner muscles inside the tube start relying on those outer muscles.  Over time, the inner muscles start to deteriorate and the area around the bone becomes spacious and weak.
When you are a child, the muscles are not so apparent, but as you grow up, they can be seen from outside.  Some people consider that sexy, but as you age and your inner muscles decrease, the inner structure such as veins and bones protrude and show through your muscles.  At that point, some people work out strenuously or receive beauty treatments, but they are often faced with a reality that it is difficult to attain youthful beauty.
When you were younger, you probably could move your body more smoothly.  That fact is the key to the theory of human muscles.
As I said before, all muscles rely on the strongest muscle in close proximity.
That means, if you only work your outer muscles, your inner muscles deteriorate and becomes hollow.  When that happens, body fluids and fat full of waste particles can easily enter those hollow areas, and the inner muscles become quite unusable. (Muscles with extramyocellular lipid or EMCL)
And as the human ages, the larger outer muscles also deteriorate, leaving the weak inner muscles full of EMCL, and all that is left is to crumble and die.

ISHIKIKIN - The Theory of changing bones and muscles

The human body has approximately 206 bones. To put it simply, between each bone exist empty spaces.  It is possible to create a smaller face or larger eyes simply by filling those empty spaces.  It is also possible in the same way to create all kinds of system for enhancing beauty and health.
Moreover, by connecting together a few of the skeletal muscles attached to each bone, it is possible to change the actual shape of muscles and bones, and increase the blood flow.  Because I know the characteristics of each skeletal muscle, I am able to make the best use of each one, and by connecting them together in the best way, the skeletal muscle acts as glue, making the newly built human body difficult to collapse.  This new mechanism also enables the strengthening of the skeletal muscles quite easily, just by being conscious of them.  Thus, a long lasting system is created.
I believe that being conscious and aware of a muscle is the best way to train that muscle.  I have given the name “ISHIKIKIN-jyutsu (Awareness Muscle)” to the muscular system that is truly necessary to a human being.

The mechanism of bones and muscles

The bones are supported by various muscles.  When a bone deforms, it is basically because only a few particular muscles around it are stimulated either by unbalanced training or habit.  Those muscles stiffen, pulling that bone and deforming it.  Most bone deformation can be cured by removing the stiffness of the muscles from the core.
Bones consist of 20% to 24% water.  One third of the remaining particles are organic matter including collagen, and the other two thirds are inorganic matter such as calcium phosphate (85%), calcium carbonate (10%), magnesium phosphate (1.5%) etc.
I also believe that it is possible to increase the amount of collagen in the bones by applying certain stimulation.  Then the bones become flexible and supple, preventing fractures and breakages.  Changing the actual shape of bones may sound like “an amazing magic”, but it is true based on my theory and experience.  The keys are the compact bones that maintain the strength of the bones, the spongy substance that produces blood cells, and the periosteum which is the fibrous connective tissue that wraps around the surface of the bones. If the correct pressure is applied mainly to the periosteum and the spongy substance, the characteristic of the spongy substance which creates the strength of the bone by forming the right amount of trabecula is activated.  The water content is condensed, and the bone itself condenses and becomes stronger and more flexible.  I have used this theory in practice as my BISEI Treatment, and have drastically altered the beauty and the health of many clients.
I continue to study the mechanism of changing the structure of bones and muscles, connecting and activating them for perfect beauty and health.

Miho Nobusawa’s BISEI Treatment Method

By means of introduction, I would like to take a moment to explain the theory behind Miho Nobusawa’s BISEI Treatment, the world’s only aesthetic treatment that modifies muscle and bone formations for beauty and health that radiates from within.

BISEI (美整) is designed to recreate one’s body into a healthier and more radiant being whose facial and physical movements are expressed with ease and grace. This new figure is obtained through a treatment that activates muscles in a specific area as well as those around them in a collaborative system. For instance, by collectively stimulating all three major muscles —skeletal, smooth, and cardiac— and adjusting distorted bone structure, BISEI creates a muscle system that functions as a unified, working unit. Therefore, not only are lower body movements made more comfortable and fluent, but those leg motions will also activate muscles in the upper body. Thus, clients consistently get a full-body workout that tones all essential muscle groups while exercising and performing everyday activities.

Once the body has been renewed through BISEI, it can be maintained and refined through the Set & Reset program. This system corrects how muscles recover from stress. These “conscious muscles” become sensitive to recuperative movements, and so simple stretches become enough to relieve tension and strains in all areas. Clients can restore their well-beings themselves because they are equipped with a responsive body that is quick to heal and continues to improve.

While no two bodies are alike, BISEI can produce these results for all people by carefully evaluating each individual and crafting a treatment plan that is customized to his or her specific needs and anatomy. Every person deserves a body that will endure in its beauty and healthy throughout a lifetime — BISEI makes this a reality.

Because BISEI is an easy and personalized method to obtaining beauty and health, many of Japan’s celebrities and stars have been reborn through their particular program.

For Singers and Musicians

By unifying and strengthening the abdominal, dorso-lateral, and oblique muscles into a joint system, the voice can be fully supported without any damage or stress to the throat. This way, the entire vocal range can be utilized from lowest to highest, without the voice being clouded or strained. Furthermore, by fortifying the rectal muscles, BISEI can prevent impact from resonating into the intestine and abdomens. Thus, clients can sing and move/dance at the same time without having to worry about the voice jerking or bouncing.

Musicians have also described that by strengthening the hands through BISEI, their fingers now move easier and with more agility, thus improving their guitar performance.

For Actors and Actresses

BISEI tones and polishes the body for a camera-ready physique that is nonetheless healthy. While a standard body-reforming program takes ten sessions, some clients request further treatment in order to shape a body that is fit for their film or stage roles. All demands can be taken into account and be incorporated into the program after thorough discussion and evaluation.

In these ways and more, BISEI allows for a body-changing (and life changing!) experience that is comfortable and pleasurable, without having to go under the knife. Miho Nobusawa can assist you in achieving greater health and beauty, and remain so with your renewed body. Changes can be seen and felt within five minutes!

Facial treatment sessions: 30 to 40 minutes
(Removing wrinkles, defining features, trimming excess skin and fat, plumping 3D lips, etc)

Body treatment sessions: 60 to 90 minutes
(Stretching limbs, shaping breasts and waist, readjusting intestinal position and misshapen bone formations into ideal structure, toning muscles, trimming fat, etc)

Facial + Body treatment sessions: 2 hours

Experiencing is everything. Lasting health and beauty can be one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and to your happiness. My happiness would be the opportunity to assist you in achieving this renewed self.


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